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Columbine Label Blog Ad

Project type

Social Media Ad for a Blog

***This is a Concept***

Company: The Columbine Label Company

This Ad was designed to grab the attention of breweries & distilleries.

The Columbine Label Company had a Blog on their site that talked about how to lower the cost of labels for your products.

Knowing the Columbine Label Companies biggest customers are in the alcoholic beverage industry, I wrote this in a way that new and older business would find interesting.

Who wouldn't want to save money on the products they need for their business? And grow their Brand Awareness at the same time?

Low up front $ = bigger back-end return.

If I were to redo the entire Blog, this ad would take you to the first page where you learn how to save money.

I would then write a separate blog showcasing the endless possibilities in digital and flexographic printing in hopes to bring inbound hot leads to the business.

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